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Mission Statement

Kaikorai Valley College is committed to innovation and the promotion of excellence in teaching and learning.  In partnership with our community we seek to provide broad-based learning opportunities, which address the needs of individual students in a safe co-educational environment.

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Kaikorai Valley College  is a family oriented Year 7 to 13 school situated in a park-like setting in south west Dunedin. This year Kaikorai Valley College has celebrated 55 years. We are proud of the fact that we are a co-educational college and that we provide equal opportunities for both girls and boys.

Overview of Kaikorai Valley College



Kaikorai Valley College is famous in the community as a safe school with an ethos of respect. We provide excellent learning opportunities for all of our students, both international and domestic.


Kaikorai Valley College ERO Report 2016

We are able to accept all enrolments.  Primary student numbers have eased and our new gymnasium complex and science laboratory in particular, both now completed, have helped immensely by providing quality accommodation for our students and eliminating the pressures for places we once faced.

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