Brathwaite Centre

The Brathwaite Centre is a Learning Support Area for students with special needs, and is an integral and valued part of Kaikorai Valley College. The Centre caters for students within our specialist learning unit, and also provides support for our students in the main stream. All policies and procedures follow those of the larger school community where the focus is ‘Opportunity and Success for All’.

We foster an supportive atmosphere where students can feel safe and develop confidence to reach their potential. We celebrate diversity and difference and promote empathy, caring and respect for everyone.

We work strongly as a team when setting goals for students. Consultation with parents/caregivers,  specialist expertise from Group Special Education and input from other agencies, are all important aspects of each  IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting.

The centre is a base where specific needs are met in a variety of ways including:

Director:  Jocelyn Springthorpe

Contact details: or telephone 453 6035 [ext 822].



Some photographs of students from the Brathwaite Centre on various activities:











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