Music Outside the Classroom

Music outside the classroom Itinerant Music: All students have the opportunity to learn an instrument through teachers who come to the school.  There is a cost involved for lessons and details of this are available by contacting the Mrs Thompson.

Music Roadshow 5Music Roadshow 7Music Roadshow 1Orchestra:  We have a young orchestra of around 20 who regularly perform out of the school. Chamber Music:  Each year several groups enter this Secondary School Competition  and are coached either by their tutors or by Mrs Thompson Rock and Pop music:  Rooms in the Music Block are used regularly during intervals and lunchtimes for bands and singers to rehearse Ukulele Group:  A group of Year 7 and 8 students spend one lunch time a week playing and singing with one of our ukulele playing science teachers. Play It Live:  This is an annual celebration of live music in our school, mostly original music. KVC Talent Quest:  This is held annually. This includes entertainment of a wider nature. Secondary School Music Festival:  Singers and instrumentalists contribute to the combined choir and orchestra in this Otago-wide annual music festival.

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