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 Year 10 ICT Extension Programme – 12/9/13

Sports' Captains 2013

Poster designed by Nadia Paine & Bella Richmond-Grant as part of their Year 10 ICT extension programme.


Mud, sweat and tears – ODT


Mud, sweat and tears – Dunedin Televison


Sport in Education update – July

Our Year Twelve students have continued with their Growing Coaches Programme in our contributing Primary schools and it has been pleasing to see them develop their skill levels and ability to coach the Primary students.  Some of the Senior Netball team also completed their Netball umpiring badges and were able to gain some practical experience refereeing at a Tournament we ran for our contributing schools.  Five different teams from Halfway Bush, Bradford, Concord and Balaclava entered and played a round robin of ten minute games.  All the teams showed a competitive spirit and some very good Netball skills.  The senior girls helped ensure the tournament ran smoothly and performed well in their umpiring duties.  We were very pleased with the Tournament and will definitely run it again next year.  The Year nine students have also been busy competing in a Winter Mini Olympics to celebrate World Olympics Day.  Events included a Biathlon, Maths event, Curling, English event and a Slalom race.  There were plenty of good performances and excellent sportsmanship shown by all of the students competing.  Year Seven and Year Nine students also attended an Olympic Ambassador presentation from Matt Randall.  Matt competed as a cyclist in the team pursuit at the 2004 Athens Olympics.  He gave an inspirational presentation and stressed the importance of setting goals, coping with setbacks, having a good support team and finishing strongly.  The Olympic values of joy of effort, fair play, respect for others, balance between mind and body and pursuit of excellence and how to incorporate these values into everyday life were also a focus of Matt’s presentation.  Year Nine students have also been using the Tour de France as their learning theme in English, Maths and Physical Education this term. In Maths students have been calculating bike wheel circumference, using gear ratios and getting to grips with gradients and slope.  In English they have been reading about some of the issues from the Tour de France and relating them to a novel they are studying and in PE students have been riding the spin bikes while watching the Tour cyclists and trying to maintain the same pedalling cadence.  Finally to experience cycling for real the Year nine students took part in a team cycle race based at Forsyth Barr stadium and raced along the Harbour cycleway.  It was pleasing to see the efforts everyone made and the use of maths knowledge with changing gears correctly.


Sport in Education project off to flying start – Wed, 1 May 2013

Kaikorai Valley College pupils get some table tennis coaching as part of the Sport in Education project.

Kaikorai Valley College has just finished the first term of its three-year Sport in Education project. Craig Reddington, lead teacher for the project, explains.

The concepts underlining our school charter and the pending re-launch of the school’s vision were behind the motivation to be involved in the Sport in Education project.

The school’s charter stresses the need for teachers to foster a culture built around relationships and learning. We have started implementing the various workstreams involved in the project, starting with our year 7 pupils.

This will be an area we focus on first and we will use inter-form sport to help integrate them into the school and build class spirit. T-Ball and Kiwi cricket competitions have been completed and were enjoyed by all the pupils. We will continue the competition with winter sports in term two.

Two year 9 classes have been chosen to take part in the curriculum aspect of the project. The teaching programmes in English and mathematics have been rewritten using sport as a context for learning and there is a curriculum crossover with these subjects and physical education.

Pupils have been calculating their horsepower production, have been trying to run a four-minute mile, and have participated in a mini-Olympic event. The events involved in the mini-Olympics were a mathletics event, an English event, tug of war, three-legged races and a relay event. It was very pleasing seeing the teamwork, fair play and team spirit demonstrated by all the pupils involved in this two-hour event.

Learning groups based on sports teams operate in these classes and teams compete for competition points in various classroom activities. We are seeing the pupils develop their skills in perseverance, working hard to achieve goals, having a competitive spirit and contributing to team goals.

Year 12 and 13 pupils have been involved in curriculum-aligned leadership programmes such as Sport New Zealand’s ”Growing Coaches”, New Zealand Rugby League’s ”Leadership through League” and Netball South’s ”Netball Coaching Module”. All the pupils involved have enjoyed increasing their coaching skills.

After training at school, the pupils have been working with children from six contributing primary schools on Tuesday afternoons. Year 13 sports leaders have also been organising lunchtime sports activities.

The whole school was involved in our 1000km Challenge and Sports Expo. This consists of a sponsored 1.5km run and then working in groups of 20 at different sports stations. This year, 24 different sports were offered, and pupils completed eight 30min sessions throughout the day. This was a very successful day where lots of pupils got to try new activities.

Following the 1000km Challenge, we ran a similar day for primary schools. A total of 450 pupils from 13 different schools came to KVC and again completed eight different 30min activities from 22 different sports. The energy and enthusiasm of all the pupils involved was impressive. Staff from KVC and many local sports bodies ran the activities.

Improving community links is another area we have been working on as part of the project. As a result of our Sports Expo, we have established links with a judo club, a table tennis club and Badminton Otago. All of these organisations provide coaching for our pupils and then utilise our facilities for their club activities. Adult fitness classes and a school holiday programme also use our facilities out of school hours.

We have also been working hard to encourage participation in school sports and have been encouraged at the number of senior pupils who are involved in the Growing Coaches programme and are coaching junior sports teams at KVC.

Involvement with the New Zealand Olympic Committee’s values and Olympic Ambassador Programme is also an area we are developing with our junior pupils. The educational objective of the NZOC is to inspire young New Zealanders to live the Olympic values through sport and the celebration of the Olympic Games. A specific focus is to ensure our Olympians’ stories are maximised for the benefit of our youth. The Olympic Ambassador Programme was developed to address this goal using the inspiration of Olympian role models living the Olympic values. This links in well with our school values and culture development and we are interested in utilising the values of sport inside the school.

We have just finished the first term of the three-year Sport in Education project and will continue to develop ideas and strategies that will help our pupils achieve their potential in academic, sporting and social areas.

Year 9 Mini Olympics – April

Last Thursday as part of the Sport in Education Project all Year 9 students participated in a Mini Olympics.  Teams competed in five events: Mathletics, Englishathon, 3 Legged race, Tug of War and Ultimate relay.  Captains carried scorecards and recorded points earned at each event.  Students also graded their own teams on sportsmanship and teamwork.  Points were then added up and medal winners decided.  The results were;

  1. KV Miami
  2. Synergy
  3. Bolt Lightning
  4. Sporty Boys
  5. KV Falcons
  6. Superbolts
  7. Cupcakes
  8. Vortex
  9. Carrots.

It was great to see all the students participating enthusiastically and thinking carefully about how they would complete tasks.  Teams also rated themselves highly in teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship which reflected the staff view on how students had performed.  Thanks must go to Mr Murphy, Mr Fitiao, Ms Sinclair, Mr Ingram, Mrs Cuthbert and the year 13 Outdoor Pursuits class who helped run events.  As part of the year 9 English programme students are making short video presentations about the mini Olympics and we look forward to seeing these.  We will be holding a Winter Mini Olympics later in the year.

Top performers in Year 7 and 8 Physical Education – April

We are trying some different strategies to encourage our students to perform their best during fitness assessments and have decided to award prizes for our top performers.  Students that achieved the highest grades in their year level were presented with an Adidas T-shirt.  Congratulations to Cameron Porteous 7Bd, Bailey Rowe 7Dm,  Abigail Spinoglio 8Lj and Cameron Hall 8Nk.  Students may wear this shirt to Physical Education classes for the rest of the year or their traditional uniform shirt if they would like to.  Ten other students also received certificates for high achievement in Physical Education.  Stirling Sports have assisted us in obtaining these shirts and we would appreciate you supporting them if you need to purchase any sporting goods or clothing.  We will be looking to award some more shirts to people that show good improvement and a consistent effort in term Two.

7 Bd Triumphant in Interform T Ball – Feburary

All year 7 classes participated in a very competitive T Ball competition as part of our Sport in Education Initiative.  A round robin competition and a final were played on Friday afternoons on the top field.  Games were very even with two drawn results but in the end the classes with the best results were 7 Bd and 7 Ma so they qualified to play the final last Friday.  The weather was perfect and all the students played well.  The ultra-competitive form teachers gave their classes plenty of advice from the side-line and cheered loudly.  7 Bd batted first and scored 16 runs which was a fine effort, 7 Ma would have to produce a top effort to win the game.  They started well and had scored 10 runs and looked like they would win the game as they had 5 runners on base ready to score with 2 batters remaining.  However some excellent fielding from 7 Bd saw them get all 5 runners and the batter out and come out with a 16-11 run victory.  Well done everyone for such an excellent competition and for reflecting our school values of Participation and Respect by playing fair and respecting our opponents.   We will soon start the Kiwi Cricket competition and it will be very interesting to see which form class will come out on top in the second event.

Year 9 Mathematics in Action – 1/3/13

Last Thursday Year 9 students ventured out of the classroom as part of the Sport in Education initiative.  They went up to the Hocken Street steps to calculate how much Horsepower they could each produce in a short sprint up 24 steps.  Students had to measure each step, calculate the vertical height climbed, have 3 attempts at the climb and then perform some complicated formula equations to calculate their Horsepower rating.  The weather was perfect and some very good times recorded.  It was good to see the efforts the students put into this activity designed and organised by Head of Mathematics Mr Murphy.  Student’s efforts reflected the school values of trying their best, working as part of a team and using knowledge to discover their abilities and limits.  Well done Year 9, it was a pleasure to see you doing Maths in the “Real World”.

P1000625 P1000627

Kaikorai Valley College primary schools sports expo

Over 400 Dunedin primary school students from 13 different schools participated in a sports expo organised by Kaikorai Valley College (KVC) earlier this month.  Students were split into groups of 20 and were accompanied by a KVC staff member for the day.  Groups rotated through eight different stations spending 30 minutes fully engaged in physical activities ranging from ice hockey to rowing.

“The day was amazingly successful and the highlight had to be the 100 percent full on effort put in by the students at every activity for the whole day,” said KVC’s Sport in Education project leader, Craig Reddington.


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