Junior College (Years 7 and 8)


Students in this important age group have the security of dedicated homeroom teachers, enthusiastic about building on the learning foundations laid at primary school.

At Kaikorai Valley College it is our aim to support students through the transition from primary school to secondary schooling. This is achieved through a supportive but challenging environment, a strong pastoral care network, opportunities for student leadership and success, and through peer support from older students.

Spending two years with us in the Year 7 & 8 department also allows students an easier transition into the College area of the school – they have often already been taught by our specialist subject teachers and they  have established friendship groups with their peers as well as having made many friends with our senior students. Finally and most importantly, leading into their high school years, they already feel 100% part of the Kaikorai Valley College whānau.

Students in Year 7 and 8 benefit too from the expertise offered by teachers who are trained specialists in Art, Music, Drama, Technology, Languages, Physical Education, Outdoor Education and Science.

Extension opportunities for students


We have a dedicated Sports Coordinator who encourages students to participate and represent Kaikorai Valley in numerous summer and winter sports teams.

Students can also take part in many school events such as golf, athletics and cross country. Our Year 7 students have swimming lessons every year.

Cultural activities

These include:

Comments from current students

“I chose KVC for my new school and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve made heaps of new friends.” (Year 7 Boy)

“I chose KV because of all the opportunities available to the kids.” (Year 7 Girl)

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8Fl FROGBlog

Head of Junior College:  Damian Burden

Contact details:  daburden@kvc.school.nz or telephone 453 6035 [ext 827].

Junior College Website: http://kvjc.weebly.com


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