Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees Members

Mr Mark Rogers  [Chairperson]

Mr Rick Geerlofs  [Principal]

Mrs Gail Arthur  [Deputy Chair]

Mrs Jeanette Aitken  [Parent Representative]

Mrs Ruth Harrison [Parent Representative]

Ms Wendy Ellis [Parent Representative]

Mr Sefton Vuli [Parent Representative]

Mr Duane Donovan [Parent Representative]

Ms Michelle Bennett  [Staff Representative]

Ms Meko nNg  [Student Representative]

Ms Katherine-Mary Molloy  [Secretary]

To contact a Board member please call the main office on 453 6035 x 812 or email


Board Profiles

Mark RogersMr Mark Rogers [Chairperson]

My name is  Mark Rogers and I am the current Board Chair at Kaikorai Valley College.  In 2013 I sought re-election for another three year term on the Board of Trustees and was re-elected as Board Chair for a further term.  I have a passion for making a contribution to the achievement of our students coupled with the experience gained through many years as a trustee.

I joined the Kaikorai Valley College Board of Trustees back in 1998 when my two sons were both students at the College.  New to the education scene back then I spent the first couple of years getting up to speed with the governance role the Board plays in the school.  Over the following years I chaired the International Students Management Committee and Finance Committees.

Shortly after Mr Craigie (now retired) was appointed Principal I was elected to the role of Board Chairperson.

Prior to joining the Board I held a number of positions including President at the Roslyn Wakari Junior Football Club and have held the position of Secretary / Treasurer in the local hobby group.

I’m a Team Leader in the Contact Energy Call Centre and live with my wife of 32½ years in the immediate neighbourhood.


Rick Pic1Mr Rick Geerlofs [Principal]






Gail ArthurMrs Gail Arthur [Deputy Chair]

He mihi mahana ki a koutou

I te taha o tōku māmā

Ko Maungatautari te maunga

Ko Waikato te awa

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Ngati Haua me ko Ngati Tuwharetoa ōku iwi

Ko Wheki me ko samuel  ōku hapū

Ko Rukumoana te marae

Ko Dean Samuel raua ko Kata Wheki ōku tīpuna

Ko Ray Anderson rāua ko Emae Samuel ōku mātua

Ko Aimee raua ko Sophie aku tamariki

E mahi ana ahau ki te Wāhanga matua Hangarau mōhiohio ki te Whare Wananga o Otago

Ko Kaiwhakahaere ahau

Ko Gail Arthur toku ingoa

Nō reira tenei te mihi ki a koutou katoa

tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa

My name is Gail Arthur. My daughters Aimee, Year 13 and Sophie, Year 8 currently attend Kaikorai Valley College.

I work as an Administration Team Leader in the IT Division at the University of Otago and have served on the Kaikorai Valley College Board of Trustees since early 2014.

I consider it a privilege to be involved in the governance of Kaikorai Valley College and if elected I look forward to continuing to ensure KVC students enjoy a well-rounded education with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of academic, sporting, artistic, and cultural activities.

I’d like to ensure KVC’s many special characteristics including being situated in a picturesque setting with significant grounds and Kaikorai stream, urban farm, sport in education programme, extensive contemporary gymnasium, junior college, Brathwaite Centre and international department continue to enrich KVC students’ learning experience and attract future students to the school.

Supporting the success of Māori students is an important focus for all New Zealand schools. If I am elected, I will continue to advocate for Māori students recognising and celebrating their cultural identity through regular mihi whakatau, kapa haka, and participation in the annual Mana Pounamu awards.

A former student of Kaikorai Valley High School, I have a vested interest in the success of the college and am committed to helping influence positive achievement outcomes for all current and future KVC students.

 Jeanette AitkenMrs Jeanette Aitken

Hello, I am Jeanette Aitken. I am a grandmother who has been raising my teenage grandchild from a very young age.  My family consists of four children and eight grandchildren.

I was born in Dunedin and moved to Invercargill in 1970, living there for 25 years. My working career was in Administration – 30 years as School Secretary and on the Board of Trustees at St George Primary in Invercargill. My husband moved back to Dunedin and we purchased and ran the Carisbrook Motels for 10 years.  This taught me sound business and management skills.  While my family were at school I was very involved with school life.  I helped with camp, reading, fundraising, field trips and fairs – really any activity which helped support the school and the students.

Having spent those years in the primary system, it felt comfortable to step up and take an interest in the next stage of my grandson’s education.  I was elected to the Board of Trustees of Kaikorai Valley College in 2010 at the triennial elections.  I have come to understand and appreciate the complexity of the governance of this College, and the dedication of the staff who educate and support our children.  I was re-elected in this year’s 2013 election and look forward to serving another term.

Duane DonovanMr Duane Donovan

Hi everyone, my name is Duane – I am passionate about student achievement, and I believe that it comes in different forms for different students.  All our kids can reach their potential, if they work hard and we support them in the best ways we can.  Not everyone is bound for University, but everyone can have a bright future if they take advantage of the opportunities KVC offers.

Previously I was the Chair of a primary school Board for 9 years, so I understand the role of a Board, and the difference between governance and management.  I am also currently the Chairman of Parafed Otago, and I have held committee roles with Otago Softball and GymSports in the past.  My degree is in transformation and change, so I have the background that can contribute to the ever-changing environment of the education sector.

I have two sons at KVC, in Years 11 and 8, and I am very impressed with many of the teachers and support staff who have helped them in their education so far.  Like many parents we too have our ups-and-downs with schooling, and I would like to give something back to the school that has been very understanding and helped work those downs back up again.

I believe that KVC has made some excellent changes in the past, such as the Junior College, and we should build on those.  As a smaller school we can be nimble and respond to opportunities.  We need to move past the thinking about education that many parents went through in the 1960’s and 1970’s because that is not what our kids need for where they are heading.  KVC needs to be built for their future, not our past.  That might mean challenging what we parents think of as a ‘proper’ education, and doing things differently to other schools, but those are the things that can make KVC unique and not a ‘me too’ school.

Wendy EllisMrs Wendy Ellis

Hi my name is Wendy Ellis I currently have two sons who are students at Kaikorai Valley College, in Years 9 and 11.

For the past year I have been the chairperson of The KVC Parent’s Group, I have really enjoyed being involved in this group and supporting the College. However I would like to make a greater contribution to the school and feel that the Board of Trustees offers the perfect opportunity.

I am currently employed as a Receptionist at Mercy Hospital and enjoy liaising with a wide range of people from our community and their different back grounds that I encounter on a daily basis. I am a good listener, pay attention to detail and have good administration skills. I am a person who focuses on getting a job done well.

I think that every board should have a good mix of people from our community to ensure a balanced view is adopted.  I feel very strongly that all students should have equal opportunities and access to quality education providing them with the best chance to achieve to the best of their ability, I think that Kaikorai Valley College offers this. I believe Kaikorai Valley College is in very good shape and hope to make a positive contribution to its future.

 Ruth HarrisonMrs Ruth Harrison

My name is Ruth Harrison.  My husband and I have four children enrolled at KVC and we have a deep respect and appreciation for the school. While I believe that KVC truly deserves its place amongst the best schools in Dunedin, it is my hope to participate in the continued shaping of KVC for the future.   The proactive nature of the Board resonates with my passion to see young people develop as passionate, generous, strong contributors to their communities.

Colin and I, with our five children, relocated to Dunedin in January last year.   Our expectation had been to return to Australia following our 5 years in Thailand (where we founded a humanitarian/mission organisation).  However, our youngest son’s adoption was still being processed under Thai law and Australia would not give Tate (our son) a visa.  As we needed to leave Thailand and get our children into mainstream schooling we considered the option to move to NZ.  NZ has given us a visa for Tate and CYFS is now finishing what has become an inter-country adoption.  Even with the adoption finalised our plan is to remain in NZ indefinitely.  We have just purchased our first home in Kaikorai and our hearts are fast becoming kiwi – ized!

Colin (my husband) is employed by Community Care Trust in South Dunedin working as a team leader to support adults with intellectual disabilities.   I work 10 hours a week as Director of Compasio Australia (the organisation we founded merged with Compasio) to raise awareness and funds for Karen, Burmese and Thai people living in severe poverty at the Thai/Burma border.  I work 25 hours a week at the Salvation Army Community Ministries (Dunedin).  I love the face to face work with many in our community who courageously struggle to manage their own and family’s lives.  I have a Master’s Degree in Ministry (majoring in leadership and community mission).  I thoroughly enjoy being a mum and wife and family is of utmost importance to Colin and me.  My father often said ‘Never let schooling interfere with your education’.  My hope is that Kaikorai Valley College will continue to be a place where both schooling and education happen together.    A place where young people can both celebrate and be celebrated; can both learn and teach others; can both respect and be respected; can both serve and be served; can lead and be lead.  A place where greatness can happen.

Sefton VuliMr Sefton Vuli

 My name is Sefton Vuli. I am 51 and married to Alison. We have three children – all of whom have attended or are currently attending Kaikorai Valley College (KVC).

My involvement with KVC: My involvement with the KVC began in 2005 when our eldest son started school here.  It was his positive experience at KVC which led my wife and I to also have our daughter, and younger son, Caleb (now in year 12) attend KVC.

Our interaction with the school and teachers over the years has been positive and I would like to give something back to the school and the wider community for the positive contribution it has made to our children’s well-being by contributing my time and skills at a governance level for KVC.

What do I offer?: I am a chartered accountant by profession and an audit director with a major chartered accounting firm in Dunedin. I have responsibilities for the delivery of our firm’s audit services in our Dunedin office. I offer a broad range of skills ranging from financial acumen and analysis to interpersonal and relationship management.  I also offer skills and experience interacting at a governance level, not only through my work, but also as a previous member of the Board of Trustees and Chair of its Finance Committee.

What other things have I done? I am Secretary and Treasurer of our Church here in Dunedin and provide financial advice to family and church trusts regularly.  I have also volunteered my services as a chartered accountant to Dunedin Community Accounting providing professional guidance to University of Otago accounting students who give advice to community groups on financial accounting matters.

I have been a keen sportsperson in the past – playing a wide variety of sports to a reasonably high level.  However, these days I follow my children around in their chosen sports. I have a good network of friends and contacts built around the sports fields, the school, church and work.  I believe these contacts, combined with the range of professional skills and experiences I have to offer mean that I can make a valued contribution to KVC.

Ms Meko Ng [Student Representative]








Michelle Sinclair

Ms Michelle Bennett [Staff Representative]

My name is Michelle Bennett and I am proud to be the staff representative on the Board. I have been teaching at KVC for 10 years and think that it is a fantastic place to be.

I have two children who attend Bradford Primary School.  I have always had an interest in how schools run and am learning a lot as well as working with a broad range of people who advocate strongly for the school and its students.


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