Bus Services

The services that are detailed below are the ones currently operating. Both the school and bus companies review these regularly and where demand exists. We try to coordinate a bus route to meet the needs of our students. Please phone the particular service you require (number listed below) to clarify exactly where your child will be picked up and whether fares have increased.

Otago Road Services

Phone 488 3137 – Stops and/or timings can vary based on demand, but students will be advised of any changes
Single cash fare $2.00 or $18.00 for a 10 ride concession – for Fairfield, Mosgiel and South Coast areas.
Single cash fare $1.50 or $12.00 for a 10 ride concession – for Green Island, Abbotsford and Concord. Tickets are available from the driver. Each morning buses serve the Green Island, Concord, Abbotsford, Fairfield,

Mosgiel and South Coast areas as follows:

Mosgiel Coach Services

Phone 489 4800 or 0274335747

A casual fare is $2.00 or a 10 ride concession for $14.00. Tickets are available from the school office or the driver. If purchased from the office, please make your cheque payable to Mosgiel Coach Services.

City Bus/Newton

Phone 477 5577
St Clair: The Bus departs from Forbury Road, Hillside Road to the Octagon, every 10 minutes both morning and afternoon. Links are then required with the Dunedin Passenger Transport route to KVC. (Single fare: 3 zones – $1.90, or 2 zones – $1.60). Student ID required.

Dunedin Passenger Transport

Phone 474 1669
Concord/Kaikorai Valley/University: The Otago Regional Council has a new bus route to service the University and our neighbourhood. The new service will comprise of a route from the Concord terminus onto Kaikorai Valley Road, Stuart Street, London Street, Albany Street and will terminate in Clyde Street at the Commerce building of the University. This bus stops directly outside the school. The bus will run from 6.30am until 6.30pm Monday-Friday, runs every half hour, cost from school to town is currently $1.90 (3 zones).


Participation Respect Inquiry Diversity Environment

500 Kaikorai Valley Road
Dunedin, New Zealand
Tel +64 3 453 6035
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